• 50 Foreigners Pass HSK Test
  • 2007-02-12  read:29297

  •     HSK Results announced in Dongguan the First time

        A Translation Based on Dongguan Daily

        The first time the results of Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK), a national standardized test to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers, were announced lately in Dongguan. According to the Oriental Pearl College (OPC), 36 passed HSK Basic and 20 passed HSK Elementary-Intermediate among all the 70 foreign examinees in Dongguan, make the passing rate of 80%.

        OPC is the only qualified school to host the test in Dongguan and one of the three HSK centers in Guangdong Province. Among all the middle and primary schools in China, OPC is the only one qualified to host HSK and functions as a Chinese proficiency testing and training center for non-Chinese speakers around the region. HSK is a Chinese test for non-Chinese speakers, while TOFEL and IELTS are English tests for Chinese speakers. HSK is not only a stepping stone for foreign students to get Chinese Higher Education but also an essential qualification for foreigners to work in China.