• Overseas Driver’s Licenses Applicable in China
  • 2007-02-12  read:25131

  •     A Translation Based on Dongguan Daily

        Management Regulations on Temporarily Visiting Vehicles and Drivers from Abroad to be implemented from February 28

        Overseas driving license holders are allowed to drive on the strength of their valid overseas driving licenses in China without test from the date of February 28, 2007. According to the Transport Police Station, Notice on Implementing the Management Regulations on Temporarily Visiting Vehicles and Drivers from Abroad was recently released by the Public Security Bureau of Guangdong Province, which is based on the Management Regulations on Temporarily Visiting Vehicles and Drivers from Abroad amended by the Ministry of Public Security recently. The new regulation of Guangdong is applicable to temporarily visiting vehicles and drivers from abroad in the territory of China for a period no longer than three months.

        The new regulation is applicable to two situations. One case is that foreign drivers drive foreign vehicles to travel within certain bordering areas after entering China. The other is that foreign drivers rent Chinese vehicles after entering the border.

        According to the new regulation, temporarily visiting vehicles should apply the Temporary Vehicle License and Driving License issued by the entry port or the municipalities and provinces where the entry port is located by filling the Application Form for a Temporary Vehicle License and a Driving Pass in Chinese. The visiting drivers should have the vehicles checked and get the following documents ready:

    l A registration certificate issued by the original country or place
    l An officially certified translation of your overseas driving license if it is in a language other than Chinese
    l A vehicle passing permit issued by Chinese customs
    l An extra certificate issued by related organizing Chinese departments if the vehicles are involved in special tours, competitions and other exchanging activities
    l A safety certificate attached with Chinese translation
    l Coercive accident Liability Insurance of Motor Vehicles valid for no less than the maximum temporary travel period in China (3 months)

        The traffic authority is responsible to examine the above documents and check the vehicles within three days, and issue the Temporary Vehicle License and Driving License to certified vehicles.

        It is the Traffic Management Bureau of Guangdong that takes care of the examination work of visiting vehicles registered in Hong Kong and Macao SAR, and Taiwan regions, while the responsibility of examining visiting vehicles from abroad belongs to PSB and traffic management departments at city level and above.